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Bread Bases

All American Rye Base 10% is a concentrated blend of natural flavors and acids for producing authentic NY-style deli rye bread.
Best 6 Cereal 50% Base is a base for producing grain breads that have exceptional volume and dark-colored crumb. This base contains no white flour and is 100% whole grain.
Choice 6 Grain 50% Base is made from the special blending of oats, wheat, corn, barley, millet and rye. This long-time favorite has an exceptional crunchy texture from the added flax and sesame seeds.
Perfectly blended sourdough cultures yield a classic flat bread with an open cell structure & crisp crust in a convenient concentrated base.
Country Italian 40% Base is the ideal means to produce Italian breads that have a thin, crispy crust, and a moist, chewy crumb.
An all-natural bread base designed to simplify and enhance artisan-style breads.
Crusty Italian 10% Base is a?10% base for producing Italian breads that?have a thin crispy crust and chewy, moist?inside. Please contact Customer Service when ordering.
Marathon Plus is an aromatic blend of special herbs and grains that produces a moist, healthful and delicious bread.
A special blend of ingredients that yields rich, dark, moist pumpernickel breads. Add raisins or molasses for signature varieties.
NY Rye Bread 50% Base is a concentrated blend of natural flavors and acids that yields authentic NY-style deli rye bread.
An aromatic blend of whole wheat sour with whole grains, bananas, apples, honey, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds providing a full, moist flavor and excellent nutritional benefits.
Russian Pumpernickel Base is a custom blend of special flours, rye sourdough, and spices.
Combining the strength and flavors of rye & wheat sours, this base acidifies doughs while providing a convenient, strong flavor ideal for San Francisco-style breads.
A 5-30% base of grains, seeds, malts & Sour that yields a unique flavor and texture with a mildly darker color.
A delicate mixture of rolled oats, barley, wheat, corn, sunflower seeds & wheat sour with honey well-suited for nut & fruit additions.