A History of
Quality & Innovation

Founded in 1892 as a mill, Abel + Schafer can look back on a long tradition marked by innovations. In 1958, Fritz Claus Schäfer launched the production of baking products under the KOMPLET brand name.

He was one of the first manufacturers in the world to take this step. The formulated premixes are promising and enjoy strong demand. In 1982, Abel & Schafer, Inc. USA was formed to bring the same high quality standards to the growing markets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America. Today Abel & Schafer, Inc. USA manufactures over 200 products in its modern manufacturing plant in Ronkonkoma, New York.

The original Abel + Schafer headquarters in Volklingen

Peter Abel and his son-in-law, Peter Schafer, establish the company as a traditional mill on the premises of the former ironworks in Geislautern which continues to be held by the company as an independent business. Even then, the company was amongst the pioneers of a new industry.

The KOMPLET brand

Abel + Schäfer can already look back on 66 years of company history. In 1958, Fritz Claus Schafer was one of the first manufacturers in the world to launch the production of baking products under the KOMPLET brand name. The formulated premixes are promising and enjoy strong demand.

KOMPLET Altenburger

Something really special!
KOMPLET Altenburger was our first ever bread premix. It was - and still is - made from special rye which is filled with a remarkable aroma thanks to its terroirs. The natural fermentation of the added sourdough supports this wonderful aroma. With its wheat ratio, Altenburger is a rustic all-rounder for sweet and savoury toppings, popular with young and old alike.

Complet Forbach

1966 saw the foundation of Sté. Complet in Forbach, France. With this, the KOMPLET or Complet brand is launched in the French market.
The new location for another production facility is created on the former quarry property used for coal mining. In addition to the existing range, a variety of products for the French Plaisir are developed and produced here.

KOMPLET Creme Patissiere

Abel + Schafer / KOMPLET was the first company in Europe to introduce bakeable whole milk custard creme to the market. With its fine, aromatic taste, KOMPLET Creme Patissiere is one of the best-selling products in this assortment.
The high-quality whole milk custard creme powder with vanilla flavor only contains milk fat, making it suitable for preparing buttercream and shortbread.


The foundation of the subsidiary KOMPLET Berlin as a second production and distribution facility in Germany aims to satisfy the continuously increasing demand. Moreover, it facilitates the strengthening of the KOMPLET brand presence in the north of Germany.
In recent years, KOMPLET Berlin has been developed into a modern, high-performance production facility. Integrated into the successful development of the corporate group, as well as the certification in accordance with the highest foodstuff standards, KOMPLET Berlin contributes through innovative ideas, consistent proximity to its customer, and customer loyalty.


Something very special, for almost 40 years: The real six grain.
It was one of the first seeded bread premixes on the German market, and has remained one of the most popular and most successful product amongst our customers ever since.
In addition to 6 different types of grain (oat, wheat, barley, rye, corn and millet), the real six grain also offers tasty seeds like sesame, linseed and other high-quality aromatic ingredients.

Abel & Schafer Inc.

A major milestone in the company history! The establishment of the subsidiary Abel + Schafer Inc., New York / USA facilitates a successful expansion across the pond.
Abel + Schafer Inc. sought to establish the same high quality standards in the growing markets of the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin and South America. Today, Abel + Schafer Inc. produces a great range of products in modern production facilities in Ronkonkoma, New York. With warehouses and distributors across all of North and South America, Abel + Schafer Inc. is able to provide the same service quality bakers in Europe have enjoyed for many years.

KOMPLET Spitzenberliner mit Butter

While donuts and crullers used to have their heyday on the colder days, their popularity increased outside of the season.
The KOMPLET Spitzenberliner mit Butter premix in exceptional premium quality captivates with its decidedly buttery aroma. The crumbs are fluffy and soft, and experts value the long freshness for consumption and its low fat absorption highly.
With our product, a huge variety of recipes can be created. This includes tasty yeast plaits, Danish pastries, and many more.


In order to serve Southern Europe faster and better, the distribution company KOMPLET Italia is established with headquarters in Grassobbio, Bergamo Province.
Grassobbio (BG) in norther Italy is an exceptionally strategic head office location only a few kilometres from the A4 motorway and Orio al Serio airport. Equipped with cold store and three loading/unloading areas, a fully equipped and modern laboratory where technical demonstrations are held for customers, and new products and recipes are developed!


Since the demand for KOMPLET products in Southern Europe continues to increase, another intra-European distribution company is opened outside of Germany: KOMPLET Ibérica.
The establishment of this branch in Terrassa near Barcelona City as a key logistics centre optimises distribution in Spain and Portugal and helps to meet the increasing demand. This location has also proven beneficial for fulfilling orders from the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.


Due to the strong growth in the rest of Western Europe, another distribution company is established: KOMPLET Benelux in Luxembourg.
Thanks to this warehouse, Abel + Schafer can respond to inquiries from this region faster.

Quality Bakery Products Inc.

On the North American market, the demand for fillings, ready-to-bake doughs and frozen products increases. The company Quality Bakery Products is founded in Houston, Texas / USA.
Quality Bakery Products acts as a producer and supplier for many retailers, wholesalers, in-store bakeries and food service establishments. The products are produced kosher under strict supervision. The company is also SQF Level-II certified.

KOMPLET Nordländer

Nordländer, a bread that packs the full punch.
Nordländer stands out with its intensive, strong rye malt taste and its long shelf life.
The large amount of good ingredients (especially the sunflower seed), and the tasty, intensive rye malt taste make the compact Nordländer a real fast mover, popular with young and old alike.


The Eastern European is increasingly opening up. The KOMPLET Polska branch is established in Poznan / Poland to satisfy this new market.
In addition to a large number of products which are produced specifically for the Polish market, a great range of frozen products is manufactured.

KOMPLET Volucreme

The exceptionally versatile classic.
This extraordinarily light filling crème is marked by a particularly large whipping volume. Thanks to its exceptional suitability as a base cream which can be processed with a great variety of flavors, it enjoys extraordinary popularity with users and customers.


In order to serve the growing demand in Southeast Europe better, the production and distribution company KOMPLET Mantler in Rosenburg / Austria is created through a merger with the distribution arm of our cooperation partner Mühle Mantler.
The former mill was founded in 1607 and has been owned by the Mantler family since 1853. Since the merger, its regional responsibility includes Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


The interest in frozen products is growing. The market is demanding a broader product range. The Florepi branch is established in Guignicourt/Reims in France to produce traditional French specialities.
The targeted production of such specialities guarantees that exquisite ingredients are used which are perfectly aligned with the requirements of the craft. Moreover, the delicious cakes are precisely tailored to customer preferences – for bakeries, confectioneries, supermarkets or hotel and catering.

KOMPLET Wurzelbrot 20

KOMPLET Wurzelbrot - Going back to the roots with a natural bread flavor.

The trademark of the KOMPLET Wurzelbrot is its rustic appearance. The crispy crust encapsulates an unbelievably flavorsome core, marked by large pores which leave plenty of space for aroma and freshness. This is due to the special composition: only the best ingredients are used in this premix.
Traditional processing further enhances the result by allowing the dough sufficient time to reach its full maturity, and creating the fluffy pore structure.

KOMPLET Black Soft

KOMPLET Black Soft: The premix for making dark sponge mixtures:
Unrivalled in its chocolatey taste, succulence and shelf-life. And with sophisticated and profitable application recipes, the mixture is easy and efficient to process and integrate into baking operations.
KOMPLET Black Soft is a 100% premix which guarantees that the baking business will hit the mark in terms of taste and succulence of dark sponges.

KOMPLET Switzerland

In 2005, the decision was made to offer better local expert support to our Swiss customers. So, KOMPLET Switzerland was founded. Goods are delivered directly from our German production facility.

KOMPLET Gourmet Cheesecake

Exceptional taste and handling!
KOMPLET Gourmet Cheesecake creates the finest cheesecakes and tarts. The special taste and exceptional creaminess of this premix are impressive. KOMPLET Gourmet Cheesecake is also very suitable for dosing over machines, offers safe processing when used with added fresh curd cheese, and it can be frozen without compromising structure or taste.

KOMPLET Chia Bread 40

KOMPLET Chia Bread 40 – A product success since 2014!

What is Chia?
Chia is a plant species from the genus of sage (salvia hispanica) which originates from Mexico. Chia was an important food plant for the Aztecs. The seeds are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids for human consumption. They taste slightly nutty and have a high degree of saturation.
Find out for yourself!

The KOMPLET brand turns 60!

The foundation of the traditional flour mill Abel + Schäfer dates back to 1892, but for 60 years, Abel + Schäfer has been selling high-quality premixes worldwide under the KOMPLET brand name. In 1958, Fritz Claus Schäfer launched this success story and now in 2018, the company is looking forward to the 60th anniversary of the KOMPLET brand.

KOMPLET Grainstar

The bread innovation!
KOMPLET Grainstar is our first premix for the preparation of a whole grain oat bread with seeds without added yeast. It contains the best natural ingredients with a high proportion of carefully selected grains and seeds. The extraordinary good taste, the special crumb structure and the above average fresh character make this product an innovative specialty for real connoisseurs.

25 years Komplet Polska

In June 2019, Komplet Polska celebrated its 25th anniversary During this time, the company has developed rapidly. At its headquarters in Tarnowo Podgórne, Komplet Polska now has more than 300 employees and a state-of-the-art production facility for the production of pre-mixes and frozen products.