Our Customers

Abel & Schafer is proud to service customers of all sizes, from Artisans, Industrials, In-Store Bakeries to Foodservice. Our wide network of bakery and food distributors ensures the availability of our products across North America.


Since 1958, Abel + Schafer has helped thousands of Artisan bakeries around the world to grow their business with unique and high-quality bakery solutions. While the Artisan environment has changed significantly over time, it is still our commitment to every Artisan baker to provide the support needed to become and remain successful in their art. Our vast network of Distributors, technical advisors, master bakers and pastry chefs are at your service to help you achieve your goals.


Understanding the complexity of industrial lines, for many years, Abel + Schafer’s R&D experts and application specialists have developed, and implemented tailor-made solutions to suit the most complicated industrial requests. By being a reliable partner, we have been able to build strong and long-lasting relationships with many of our industrial accounts. Today, our subsidiaries across the world have also become a great source of inspiration for any type of product innovation and process advice. If you are looking for a mainstream or tailor-made product for your industrial bakery, our R&D experts, application specialists, and account managers are at your service to help you develop the right solution.


Many years of experience in developing complete bakery programs for several main supermarket chains has helped Abel + Schafer to build a unique expertise in product category management. This expertise is further enhanced by our continuous survey of consumer trends and lifestyle changes. In addition to our in-depth understanding of the fresh bakery category, we also offer our strong relationships with many industrial partners to facilitate a triangle solution approach. If you are looking for a new in-store-bakery program, our account managers, R&D experts, and technical advisors are at your service to help you develop your next successful program.

Food Service

People love to eat out more than ever before, but consumers have also changed their expectations. They want the freshest, best tasting, and healthiest food available every minute of the day at the best price. At Able + Schafer, we have had the privilege for years to build relationships with the most well-known food service providers around the world. This experience has helped us not only to have an in-depth understanding of the needs, but also of the changing expectations of the food service industry. If you are looking for new bakery concepts, a cleaner label version of your current offering, or a new taste or flavor to keep delighting your customers, our account managers, R&D experts, and technical advisors are at your service to help you develop your signature recipe.


Abel + Schafer products are available through a large network of food distributors. See the map below for some of our larger partners, or ask your local distributor if they carry Abel + Schafer.