Muffin Mixes

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ItemItem #DescriptionPack Size (lbs.)KosherSpecial Features
All Purpose Muffin Mix 62065.02Just add water for a versatile muffin base with delicate sweetness, light texture, versatility and a beautiful, high dome.30
All Purpose Muffin Mix 62065.12All Purpose Muffin Mix is an easy-to-use dry blend of ingredients. All Purpose Muffin Mix produces muffins with a round high dome and a soft, moist texture that readily supports the addition of dried fruit, spectacular with cranberries. Add water only.6x5
Bran Muffin Mix 62066.02Bran Muffin Mix is a delicious blend of flour, wheat bran, honey and molasses.30
Corn Muffin Mix 62067.01Corn Muffin is an exceptionally moist concentrate with a rich, sweet corn flavor.50
Corn Muffin Mix 62067.02Corn Muffin is an exceptionally moist concentrate with a rich, sweet corn flavor.30
Cotton Gold Muffin Mix62053.01Cotton Gold Muffin Mix is a special blend of nutritious seeds in a mouth-watering muffin mix.50
Fiber Nugget Muffin Mix 62051.01Rich in oat bran, these muffins make no compromises in flavor, texture or versatility.50
Good Nature Muffin Base 62071.01An all-purpose, lightly textured and wonderfully-flavored muffin base.50ⓊDClean(er) Label
Low Fat A.P. Muffin Mix 62076.01Low Fat Muffin Mix yields delicious low fat and cholesterol-free muffins.50ⓊDLow Fat
Low Fat All Purpose Muffin Mix62076.12Low Fat Muffin Mix yields delicious low fat and cholesterol-free muffins.6x5ⓊDLow Fat
Low Fat Oat Bran Muffin Mix62084.01Just add water for a wholesome, oat-filled muffin with a touch of molasses, honey and cinnamon.50
Mini Loaf Concentrate62511.01Mini Loaf Concentrate is a blend of Natural ingredients for delicious, moist and flavorful muffins. Add dry fruits, chocolate chips or nuts for variety. 52ⓊD
Plain Fruit Juice Muffin Mix62047.12Mix fine-grained muffins sweetened with fruit sugar for extra flavor and moisture.6x5
Royal Muffin Mix62077.01Convenient, all-purpose mix for making muffins with a fine white crumb and peaked crown. Great for traditional and signature muffins.50ⓊD
Sugar Free Muffin Mix 62087.01Sugar Free Muffin Mix is a special blend of ingredients for producing sugar-free muffins.50ⓊDSugar Free
Ultra Moist Muffin Base62074.01This all-purpose muffin provides delicate sweetness, a light texture and unlimited versatility.50ⓊD

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