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Abel & Schafer produces pastry ingredients for truly delicious baked goods. Browse our product list below to find just what you’re looking for.

ItemItem #DescriptionPack Size (lbs.)KosherSpecial Features
Biscotti Mix62251.01Biscotti is a ready to use mix, add eggs and shortening to obtain crunchy oblong shaped biscotti.50
Butter Danish Base60138.02Concentrated blend designed to produce all kinds of danish style or sweet dough baked goods. 50ⓊD
Classic French Macaron Mix63172.14Dry Blend designed to produce traditional French macarons that can be flavored and colored as desired.10
Coconut Macaroon Mix62034.02Dry Blend designed to produce traditional coconut macaroons.25
Good Nature Bilini Mix 60166.01Natural Blini Mix that yields a wide variety of griddle baked products.50ⓊDClean(er) Label
Komplet Florenta60352.45A dry blend for making consistent tuiles, florentines, nut crackers, almond brittle and lace cookies.11.02ⓊD
Panettone/Colomba Mix 62069.14Panettone and Colomba Mix is a blend of specialty ingredients for producing authentic holiday breads.20Seasonal Item
Quality Stollen Mix62101.01Quality Stollen Mix is a one step mix for traditional German stollen and other holiday items.50ⓊDSeasonal Item

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