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Abel & Schafer offers a range of ingredients specially crafted for dietary restrictions and healthy alternatives. Browse our product list below to find just what you’re looking for.

ItemItem #DescriptionPack Size (lbs.)KosherSpecial Features
Gluten Free Sweet New Snow 61022.14A Gluten Free Trans-fat free patented non-melting decorating sugar ideal for dusting cookies, donuts, fruit, cakes and holiday breads etc.10Gluten Free
Organic 7 Grain Blend 69003.01Organic 7 Grain Blend is a special blend of certified organic grains and seeds.50Organic
Gluten Free One By One Sugar Substitute63066.03“One by One” Sugar Substitute is designed to replace table sugar in all sugar-free applications, like cookies, cakes or muffins.25Gluten Free

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