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Abel & Schafer offers a range of ingredients specially crafted for dietary restrictions and healthy alternatives. Browse our product list below to find just what you’re looking for.

ItemItem #DescriptionPack Size (lbs.)KosherSpecial Features
Vegan Donut Mix66202.03A complete powdered mix designed for manual or automated depositing.25Vegan
Low Fat A.P. Muffin Mix 62076.01Low Fat Muffin Mix yields delicious low fat and cholesterol-free muffins.50ⓊDLow Fat
Low Fat All Purpose Muffin Mix62076.12Low Fat Muffin Mix yields delicious low fat and cholesterol-free muffins.6x5ⓊDLow Fat
Sugar Free Muffin Mix 62087.01Sugar Free Muffin Mix is a special blend of ingredients for producing sugar-free muffins.50ⓊDSugar Free
Gluten Free Crepe Mix 65024.01Gluten Free Crepe Mix is an easy-to-use gourmet treat with a fantastic flavor.50ⓊDGluten Free
Organic Whole Grain Wheat Sour 60401.01A dried, organic whole meal sour culture that adds flavor, enhances crust color and improves crumb, elasticity and slicing stability.55.1Organic

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