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Abel & Schafer offers a range of ingredients specially crafted for dietary restrictions and healthy alternatives. Browse our product list below to find just what you’re looking for.

ItemItem #DescriptionPack Size (lbs.)KosherSpecial Features
Gluten Free Bread and Pizza Mix65057.12Gluten Free Bread and Pizza is a Gluten Free easy-to-use blend for producing breads, buns, pizza and ciabatta with a soft texture and superior shelf life. 6x5Gluten Free
Gluten Free Bread and Roll Mix61023.12Gluten Free Bread and Roll Mix is a dry blend of flours and starched designed to produce delicious, authentic tasting bread with a light crust, soft center and a uniform tender crumb. This artisan bread mix gives bakers the flexibility to produce a great variety of sandwich breads and rolls suited for the gluten free diet. 6x5Gluten Free
Gluten Free Brown Bread Mix65065.12Gluten Free Brown Bread Mix is a blend of flours and starches designed to yield a lighter, slightly sweet Gluten Free bread.6x5Gluten Free
Gluten Free Multigrain Mix60506.12A celiac-appropriate blend of gluten free ingredients designed for producing several kinds of multigrain breads and rolls, robust aromatic nutty flavor and medium dense texture.6x5Gluten Free
Gluten Free Pao De Queijo / Cheese Bread60727.03The Pao de Queijo Mix (Cheese Bread) is a typical Brazilian preparation. The main characteristics of this product are the crunchiness of the crust and the softness of the interior crumb and its very pleasant aromatic cheese and manioc flavor. This product is also Gluten Free.25ⓊDGluten Free
Proketo Tortilla Mix 61281.01Pro Keto Tortilla Base is a specialty ingredient blend designed to produce great tasting Tortillas containing higher amounts of fat, adequate amounts of protein and low amounts of carbohydrates. Specially formulated for following a Ketogenic friendly diet. Suggested bag label recipe must be followed in order to be compliant with the Ketogenic nutritional guidelines. Use this easy tortilla mix for your favorite taco, wrap, burrito, or quesadilla recipe with the choice of your fixings. Keto doesn’t have to be hard! 50Keto

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