French Baguette Bread


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French Baguette Mix
0 lb
0 oz
Compressed Yeast
0 lb
0 oz
Water 65F (+/-)
0 lb
0 oz


Total weight
0 lb
0 oz
17 Pieces


Mixing Instructions:
Mix all ingredients using a 4 Speed Mixer: or Spiral Mixer:
-10-12 minutes 2nd speed. -2 minutes slow speed.
-8 minutes fast speed.
Temperature: 78°-80°F.
Scale: To desired weight.
Intermediate Proof: 15-20 Minutes.
Make up: Baguette: Long, length of sheet pan. Rolls: 4 1/2 * lbs. per press.
Proof: 45-55 minutes, 90°F/ 85% R.H. (not too wet).
Bake: 410°F for 25-30 minutes.

The pastries benefits at a glance

  • Breads for Special Occasions
  • Mild Sour Flavor
  • Crusty
Sales description:
A mix that will enable any baker to make an authentic crusty French Baguette and many varieties fo french rolls.
Weight per piece:
Store in a cool, dry, clean environment.
Shelf life:
1-2 days