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All-Natural Products  (5)
Bread Bases  (30)
Concentrated Base of essential ingredients. Just add Water, Yeast and Flour to produce high quality Bread and Rolls.
Bread Mixes  (43)
Bread Mixes to produce high quality bread products.
Cake Mixes & Bases  (74)
These mixes require the addition of wet ingredients to produce the batter to produce many high quality Cake and Muffin items.
Certified Organic Products  (1)
Organic Breads are produced without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers and are minimally processed to maintain the integrity of the food without artificial ingredients, preservatives or irradiation. To maintain these strict standards Certifiers regularly inspect farm fields and production facilities and keep detailed records of all conditions
Creams  (9)
Crêpes Mixes  (3)
Dough Improvers & Conditioners  (15)
Dough improvers and dough conditioners are used to adjust the handling and baking properties of bread doughs to produce superior finished products.
Fat Free & Low Fat Items  (3)
Flexline Concentrated Flavor Bases  (11)
A variety of flexible bases with no sugar, shortening, salt, or sour added. Use at recommended usage level, 5-15% based on flour weight to achieve the taste which most pleases your customers. A perfect addition to any recipe, scratch or specialty. Ideal for Bagels, Bread, Rolls, Tortillas, Pastas, Muffins, and Cream Cheeses.
Glazes & Toppings  (32)
Holiday Products  (4)
Make your Holiday Baking more profitable this year with the Convenience Products that Abel & Schafer has put together for you.
Jams  (9)
Muffin Mixes & Bases  (25)
A&S Muffin Mixes enable the baker to maintain a large varity of consistently high quality muffins while keeping costs under control.
Pancake Mixes  (0)
Pretzel Products  (4)
Proofing Baskets  (0)
A selection of wooden and plastic baskets that enable the baker to produce true artisan style bread.
Sours  (8)
Replace sponges, bigas, levains and all other pre-ferments with a sour appropriate to every need. Sours are available for rye breads, wheat breads, organic breads, short fermentations or retarded doughs. All Abel+Schafer sours produce a full aromatic flavor, enhance crust color, increase baking volume, improve crumb elasticit, extend the shelf life for all yeast-raised bakery products.
Sugar Free Products  (8)
Trimline Reduced Carb Items  (2)
Whole Grain Products  (4)
Unrefined never tasted so sophisticated.
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