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The choice of the raw materials is of major importance for the quality of the finished product. This is even more obvious in the sensitive field of nutrition.
The demands we make on the food we consume every day cannot be high enough. We have accepted this responsibility right from the start. From the health point of view Komplet products stand up to the most critical examination, and this is another principle that, nowadays, proves to be more important than ever.

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Product groups
Bagel Products
Bread & Roll Products - Bread Toppings
Bread Mixes
Bread Toppings
Fat-Free & Low-Fat Products
Bread & Roll Products - Bread Mixes
Bread Baskets & Accessories
Bread Sours
Dough Improvers
Glazes, Creams & Fillings
Ingredients & Flours
Pancake Mixes/ Bases
Glazes, Creams, Fillings, Jams and Toppings
Organic Products
Pretzel Products
Bread & Roll Products - "Flexline"
Bread & Roll Products - Bread Bases
Bread & Roll Products - Organic Mixes
Bread Bases
Cake Mixes & Bases
Sugar Free
Muffin Mixes & Bases
Decorating Sugars


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