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ACIDITY REGULATORS Acidity regulators are e.g. calcium acetate, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, diphosphate and citric acid with its sodium, potassium and calcium salts. Acidity regulators are used e.g. in dough improvers in order to avoid the formation of lumps in the products or in order to keep their trickle ability.
Almond paste A mass of ground almonds and sugar.
AMYLOPECTIN Starch pectin, main component of starch. Molecules with branched structure with the ability to swell in hot water. Depending on its origin, starch consists of 70 – 85% of amylopectin.
AMYLOSE Component of starch, molecules with mainly linear structure, which are soluble in hot water. Depending on its origin, starch consists of 15 – 30% or more of amylose.
ASCORBIC ACID Ascorbic acid is vitamin C. It makes the dough more stable. Vitamin C can absorb oxygen. This absorption of oxygen stabilizes the gluten structure of the dough and improves the gas retention ability.
Ash The powdery, incombustible residue left after burning matter.

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