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Why Organic?
Why do people purchase organically baked products?

The answer is that organic products are perceived to be better for their familys health and also better for the environment of our planet.
Main reasons people purchase organic products are:

1. Free of synthetic Chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers.
2. Perceived higher nutritional value.
3. Concern over antibiotic drug residues.
4. Concern over the health effects of Genetically Modified Foods.
5. Concern for our environment.
6. Organic foods perceived to be safer and less likely to cause food poisoning.

How do you define Organic Foods?

Organic foods are produced without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers and are minimally processed to maintain the integrity of the food without artificial ingredients, preservatives or irradiation. To maintain these strict standards Certifiers regularly inspect farm fields and production facilities and keep detailed records of all conditions.

What does Organic Certification mean?

Certification is the process by which a company is found to meet all the requirements of a certifying agency that does an in-depth inspection of farming and packaging operations to verify that food is grown, handled and processed without any synthetic chemicals, in full compliance with established organic standards. Certification is the customers assurance that what they are buying is truly organic product.

How does a company become a Certified Organic Manufacturer?

To be recognized as a Certified Organic Manufacturer a company must apply to an accredited certifying agent. After application has been made the agent requires data on all ingredients, sanitation procedures and other pertinent data. There is then an on-site inspection to verify all data submitted and to insure that all methods of production meet requirements. There are periodic inspections required to maintain Certification.
They certify:
• That warehousing and ingredient handling procedures do not allow for commingling of organic and non-organic ingredients.
• Methods of Pest Control. The aim is to eliminate pests by non-chemical means so that there is no contamination of the organic product.
• Documentation of procedures and records of actual practice must be kept and records of input and lot numbers of all ingredients be recorded. It is important that the ingredients used are certified organic and that the supplier be able to provide the necessary documentation.




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